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Vehicle Storage Tips

What steps do you need to take when approaching your vehicle’s time stored away? Securing your boat or RV for the offseason will preserve its condition and ensure it’s ready for your next adventure. Toy Box Boat & RV Storage knows proper vehicle preparation. Whether you’re storing a boat to protect it from the harsh Wisconsin winters or keeping your RV safe between road trips, certain steps should be taken to guard against damage and decay. Dive into our comprehensive guide for boat and RV storage preparation, curated by the experts at Toy Box Boat & RV Storage, to find vehicle storage tips that while simplify the process. Keep your vehicle in pristine condition year-round!

Table of Contents

I. Do You Need Storage for Your Vehicle?

II. Boat Storage Preparation Tips

III. RV Storage Preparation Tips

Oshkosh RV Aerial View

Would You Benefit from Renting Vehicle Storage?

At Toy Box Boat & RV Storage, we recognize the unique needs of vehicle owners, particularly when it comes to storing your largest boats and RVs. Deciding to rent self storage space, especially heated storage like our units, is a strategic move that preserves your vehicle’s condition and value. Heated storage provides a stable, controlled environment that protects against the extremes of cold weather, preventing the freezing and cracking of engine fluids and batteries, as well as reducing the risk of rust and corrosion on your vehicle’s body and mechanical parts. This level of protection is especially critical in areas like Oshkosh, where winter temperatures can be harsh and changing frequently.

Beyond weather protection, our heated storage options offer enhanced security measures, including around-the-clock surveillance, gated access, and well-lit premises, to safeguard your investment from theft and vandalism. Additionally, the convenience of these large stalls not only accommodates larger vehicles with ease but also simplifies the process of moving your vehicle in and out of storage.

To fully benefit from renting storage space at Toy Box Storage, it’s essential for vehicle owners to take proactive steps in vehicle preparation.  Such diligence ensures that your vehicle remains in excellent condition throughout its storage period, ready for use whenever you need it. Explore the advantages of heated storage with Toy Box Storage in Oshkosh, WI, and give your vehicle the care and protection it deserves by following these storage preparation tips.

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boat storageBoat Storage Preparation Tips

As the weather settles into colder months and lake trips are for now just future plans, you are most likely looking to pack away your boat. Whether you choose to store it in your garage, your backyard, or a storage facility, you should take these annual steps to keep it fresh while it is out of action.

1. In-Depth Cleaning: Wash the hull, deck, and topsides to eliminate salt and algae. Thoroughly clean the interior to prevent mold. Ensure everything is completely dry before storage.

2. Engine Care: Change the oil, replace filters, and add antifreeze to the cooling system. For outboard engines, drain the carburetor by running the engine until it stops.

3. Fuel System Maintenance: Fill the fuel tank nearly full, leaving room for expansion, and add a fuel stabilizer to avoid deterioration.

4. Battery Storage: Remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place, preferably on a trickle charger.

5. Control Moisture: Place moisture absorbers or dehumidifiers inside your boat to keep the interior dry and prevent mold growth.

6. Cover Your Boat: A well-fitting, breathable boat cover is essential for protecting against dust and moisture.

7. Select the Right Storage Location: Toy Box Boat & RV Storage offers heated vehicle storage units that provide superior protection compared to outdoor parking. If outdoor storage is necessary, elevate the boat on blocks to prevent damage.


RV storage

RV Storage Preparation Tips

1. Comprehensive Cleaning: Start with a deep cleaning of both the interior and exterior. Remove any road salts and grime from the exterior to prevent corrosion. Wipe the interior spaces, appliances, and floors to ward off mold and odors. Ensure the refrigerator is defrosted and left open.

2. Engine and Battery Maintenance: Change the oil and oil filter to protect the engine. If you won’t be able to check on your RV regularly, consider disconnecting the battery and storing it in a cool, dry place.

3. Tire Protection: Inflate tires to the recommended pressure and consider using tire covers to guard against UV damage. Placing your RV on jacks can also relieve pressure on the tires.

4. Seal All Openings: Inspect for any gaps in windows, doors, and the undercarriage, sealing them to prevent moisture and pests from getting in.

5. Ensure Proper Ventilation: Leave roof vents slightly open for air circulation if your RV is stored under a cover or indoors. Use moisture absorbers to combat mold and mildew.

6. Plumbing Care: Drain all water tanks and add antifreeze to the system if storing in freezing conditions.

7. Use a Quality RV Cover: If stored outdoors, a breathable RV cover can protect against the elements. Toy Box Boat & RV Storage offers covered storage options for added protection.


Find Heated Vehicle Storage Units in Oshkosh, WI—Reserve Yours Online!

Let’s ensure the safety and maintenance of your vehicles today! At Toy Box Boat & RV Storage, our secure storage units have everything you need to keep your RVs and boats in pristine condition. Our Oshkosh, WI, storage facility is equipped with essential amenities, including electrical access for your convenience, a dump station for easy maintenance, and a wash station to keep your vehicle clean without leaving the premises. For those who value accessibility, we offer extensive gate access hours, ensuring that you can reach your vehicle at any time that suits you.

Discovering and securing a spot for your vehicle storage is straightforward and hassle-free with our online resources. Our online storage reservation guide will walk you through the process, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, our FAQ is a great resource for quick answers. Of course, our friendly office team is always just a call away, ready to assist you with personalized service.

At Toy Box Boat & RV Storage, we’re not just providing a space; we’re offering complete peace of mind for your prized possessions. Know that your RVs and boats are stored safely, with all the necessary facilities at your fingertips. Check out our available spaces online and find the perfect storage solution tailored to your needs. Let us help you protect your investment and keep it ready for your next adventure. Toy Box Boat & RV Storage is here the Oshkosh, WI, community!

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